July 2018 Issue

Dear Customers and Friends of UnionBank,
Greetings and thank you for your support!
At the Bank, we have always wanted to "make da diff" for every one of you. To help ensure this, I believe that there is no better way than for us to "keep on listening" to you and, especially, answer your questions directly or "straight fro the experts' mouth" so-to-speak.
This is why we're launching this "Ask your ManCom" section with this issue of the UnionBanker! Here, you will get an answer either from me, -if I am the best qualified person to do so or from the ManCom (Management Commitee) Senior Leader who can directly address your query or your suggestion.
We hope this section will help you further understand and better yet point out to us specific areas where we can "make diff" for you and your community!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Edwin R. Bautista
President - CEO

What is special about the UnionBank Online app? How is it different fro the other banking apps out there?

Our pursuit of delivering and exceptional and seamless customer experience led us to challenge traditional banking processes. The app was designed to be nearly fully customizable that goes beyong just adding a profile picture or basic password management. Accessing all your UnionBank accounts is now simpler. The new Dashboard shows all of your accounts in one place (deposits, credit cards, loans and even investments!)

UnionBank Online allows users to choose which accounts to display, increase and decrease transaction limits, and select the transactions that require a One-Time Password (OTP)

Clients also have the option to check account balances (Quick Balance) without having to log in.

The ARK looks so cool! Are you planning to open more ARKs soon? If yes, where will these be?

We are glad that Filipinos are taking notice of the first fully digital bank branch in the country. The world is moving forward and we're already seeing solutions that make the whole ecosystem more efficient.

The ARK is our paperless branch which we equipped with advanced digital technology to augment actual banking experience. It is UnionBank's way of giving a sneak peek of what banking will be like in the future.

While the resounding success of The ARK, we are planning to opening within the year, over 10 other ARKs and smaller ones which we call ARK Light branches in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.

I would like to inquire if the UnionBank Online PesoNet fund transfer to other banks holds true that it is free of charge to local banks? Also if I was able to transfer at 12:30 p.m., what time do I expect the recipient to receive the money?

PesoNet transfers thru UnionBank Online are absolutely FREE. All transactions before the 3pm cutoff should be credited to the beneficiary by end of the day (banking days only). UnionBank joins BSP's commitment to upgrade the country's retail payment system, promote electronic payments, and facilitate inner-operability among financial institutions for faster settlement of transactions, thereby achieving our vision of a 'cash-lite' economy.

As further commitment to improve the country's e-payment system, the BSP also launched this year "InstaPay". With InstaPay, ordinary persons, companies and even government agencies can transact in real time and send and receive funds up to P50,000 per transaction with a minimal fee of P10. The platform is available 24/7. There is no limit on the number of transactions per day.