Netizens rave about UnionBank Online

UB online main copy

It was only a matter of time before the internet took notice of UnionBank Online as it continues to explore ways of redefining digital banking that empowers retail customers to do mobile-first, mobile-second, and self-service banking.

In an article on, netizen Zarelle Grace Niangar admitted to have become a raving fan of UnionBank and its mobile app and shared about her “most amazing customer banking experience”.

“I was able to create my first ever UB Savings account ALL WITHIN their PHONE APP within maybe 5 mins (I scanned my ID and I took a selfie to verify).  I was immediately granted an account number.”

Her post a month ago quickly went viral and has been shared 5,600 times and received 6,200 comments, to date.

Since its launch, UnionBank Online has over 420,000 registered customers, enabling billions worth of Fund Transfers, Bills Payments and Load Purchases. On the average, customers of UnionBank Online logs in 15 times a month, 3.5 times higher than the industry average in the Philippines. It handles 1 customer login per second and transactions worth PHP2,000 per second.